Hockey Videos + Awareness Test

As per Rusty’s request… here is a hockey video from about a week ago is when I think this one happened. Vesa Toskala allows a goal from a puck that was shot from the opposing blue line. Just tons of bounces for the puck and a tough break for Toskala. Luckily, Leafs come back to win the game to keep their playoff hopes alive.


This one happened this past Saturday. Patrick Roy’s son (the goalie) gets involved in the full fledged brawl in the QMJHL Playoffs.


I’m real hesitant to put this video up even though Rusty just showed it to me now. Joe showed it to me last night and I’m not sure if he wanted to put it up himself. It’s a real awareness test and I only know one person so far who passed it… and it was Petey from all the way in Hong Kong who passed.


By the way Mr. Sullivan if you’d like to stake claim on the video, I’ll gladly remove it and link you. For those of you interested, he runs a pretty awesome blog himself here – Jolly White Giant.

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