Another Out of Control Cop [Video]

After watching video after video of authorities continuously overstep their powers or having very short fuses just makes me wonder whether those enforcing the law are more out of hand now or just that fact that technology is so readily available that we are just seeing more of it now.

Anyways, here is the surveillance video released in an assault case against a King County, Wash. sheriff’s deputy shows him kicking a young girl, slamming her to the jail cell floor and striking her repeatedly. The deputy has (obviously) pleaded not guilty in case… did you expect anything different?

An Old Friend Stands Out

I usually don’t like posting very much about the Devils since I despise them with pretty much every ounce blood in me but there was something yesterday that I just couldn’t pass up. So here is an old friend of mine from high school who has gone to more New Jersey Devils games than anyone else I know. Just turns out that all that paid off yesterday as he was in attendance for Martin Brodeur’s return in which he blanked the Colorado Avalanche 4-0.

Brodeur’s win which his seven of the season now puts him at 545 for his spectacular career, leaving him just six shy of Patrick Roy’s NHL record of 551. He also recorded his third shutout of the season and 99th of his career, which puts him four short of Terry Sawchuk’s all-time NHL mark of 103.


Congrats Rusty, he seemed in pretty good form for being out how ever many months he was out.

Apple Genius Bar Is Filled With Idiots

Usually I am all for buying things online and even talking to customer service over the phone or online instead of physically going to the store to deal with a matter. For some reason, when my headset for the iPhone stopped working I decided it would be a great idea to go to the store to get a replacement instead of trying to see whether they could mail it to me.

I walked into the Apple Store at Menlo Park Mall and was immediately greeted by a nice guy who asked me about my problem. I ended up going to the Genius Bar desk where I went on to describe that recently my right side of my headset stopped working. I probably could have lasted longer with my headset but that is also the side with the microphone that I use to talk on the phone so the problem escalated in priority for me. The first lady who looked at my headset went back to ask a “technician” whether this was covered in the AppleCare Protection Plan. On their own website, it clearly states that the plan “covers iPhone & iPhone Bluetooth hands-free headset and included accessories” which I think is fair to say covers my problem.

Initially, they tried to scheme me into admitting that I physically broke my headset by either stepping over or not “properly” using it. I was there with my brother where we both argued what is the point of the Protection Plan if it does not cover a simple problem like the headset? After being quite disappointed with the level of customer service I walked out and ended up calling Apple Customer Service before I even reached my car. The guys (Brian & Scott) on the other end were very friendly throughout the entire conversation. All he did was ask me about my problem, asked for my serial number and told me to wait 2 minutes while he asked someone whether he could help me out. 2 minutes later, he came back on the line to tell me that he was ready to mail me my new headset.

Since I was already out when I called, I asked him whether I could just pick it up at the store instead of him having to mail me and having to wait a couple of days before I could have this problem fixed. He told me some CS code or number and gave me his direct line in case the store employee gave me trouble.

I walked back in the store and lady that initially told me that I couldn’t have a replacement listen as I explained that I called Apple Customer Service and they issued me a code that I can pick up a replacement headset for free. A couple of employees including the manager there at the time looked me like I had 3 eyes on my face or was an alien or something. They seemed to have never heard of this number issued by Customer Service to customers. The lady took the phone number and the CS code and walked into the backroom saying she would be right back. About 10-15 minutes of waiting later, she walked out saying she could not reach the person and was only getting his voicemail. I took the piece of paper back from her, dialed the number myself and reached him immediately – which makes me question how much she really tried to reach the guy. So I ended up calling Scott and had the in-store manger talk to him as he explained what he had done for me.

After having this discussion, I thought my troubles would be over and they would simply just hand me a headset… and I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried.

Turns out even for a simple replacement, they needed me to schedule an appointment where they needed to fill out paper work for the replacement equipment and needed a “technician” to come out and replace the part for me. I just cannot believe that they needed a technician to issue me a new headset and somehow the person behind the Genius Bar couldn’t do a simple parts replacement. The manager tells me to wait until the next technician which he couldn’t give me an accurate estimate on how long it would take. He estimated it would be 10 to 15 minutes and after a 20-25 minute wait later, a guy named Dan who I presumed is the “technician” called me up, entered took my name/email/serial number and printed out a receipt along with my replacement.

So about one hour, two phone calls to Apple Customer Service and talking to five different Apple employees later, I painfully and finally got my replacement headset.

The George W. Bush Of Comedy?

John Oliver enjoyed this year’s Academy Awards thanks to Jon being the George W. Bush of comedy. He pokes fun at what I would call Jon’s two less than spectacular prior performances as the host of the event. Look at Jon Stewart though, boy can that guy take a joke. 

I won’t insert any quotes from the clip yet incase you haven’t seen it yet but I think I’ll reference it when I put up an Oscar-related post tomorrow. All I’ll say is “Hugh Jackman! The guy is amazing!”


Sportswriter Admits Steroids Use

I had been waiting for someone to transcribe this from this past weekend’s The Sports Reporters where Tony Kornheiser aimed his parting shots towards Alex Rodriguez and his A-Fraud story. If someone can find the video for this that would be great but so far it is only the transcript from Watchdog.

When I was young, all I ever wanted to be was a sportswriter. I had a cousin who wanted to be an investigative reporter. So to get ahead of people who had the same dreams, we began shooting up drugs.

We were young and stupid. Didn’t know what we were doing. Strictly amateur hour. I can’t believe it worked. I didn’t even know what we were taking!

But I got sportswriter jobs at Newsday, The New York Times and the Washington Post. I had my best year in 1997. I was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. I still didn’t know what drugs I was using. I thought maybe it was actually Tic-Tacs, because people let me get so close to them during interviews.

I wasn’t young and stupid anymore. Now I was middle-aged and stupid. And naive. Then I got hired by ESPN and they put me on ‘Monday Night Football.’ Well, I really felt the need to keep taking drugs to prove they were right in picking me.

By now I was old and stupid. Old, naive, stupid and very, very rich – dating Madonna on the side. If you want to know why I secretly took drugs, it’s because it made me better than I was naturally. And by the way, I lied about my cousin. I don’t even have a cousin.

Like almost everybody else, I was shooting up with Jose Canseco.


Also if you don’t watch Pardon The Interruption regularly, you are definitely missing out on a good sports issue debate show… so go watch fools.