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Why Does This Not Happen More Often?

I am certain everyone has seen a clip or two or the whole video of Obama going to the Republicans for lunch and answering the questions that they had to ask. If you haven’t seen the video, watch the whole think at the post my brother wrote in “Let Obama Be Obama” but the one I have embedded, Awesome stuff by Jon Stewart through out this segment.

One question I did ask several years ago after seeing the British parliament grill the Prime Minister at the time is why something like that didn’t happen in the United States more often and hopefully this can be somewhat of a precedent set #44.

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“It’s like he’s seeing their talking points in bullet time!”

Peyton Manning’s Contract Extension

By far one of the best explanations of why athletes deserve the money they get. I have never taken a position against athletes getting paid as much as they do, simply because what they do in such a high capacity is rare to find even though every one of us at some point or another tried to play a sport or two. There is not a better athlete on the field when he is playing and you would be hard pressed to find a fault regarding something he has down off the field that has brought him, his family or his team bad press.

Manning deserves the biggest contract in the league. When all is said and done, he could very well replace John Elway as the best QB ever to play. In addition, he’s what the model of a league should be. Down to Earth, funny and not a walking ego. The reason people in the military don’t get paid millions is because they take anyone and anyone can do it if they so choose. While it is a valiant thing to do with your life, it’s not a selective profession. The same goes for teachers, police officers, firefighters and other public service occupations. Anybody can get those job if they want them. There are very few who can play QB at the professional level and an even smaller number who can play as well as Manning. That’s life in Capitalism, the very thing the military fights to preserve, by the way. – Enicklo2

The comment was from the article ESPN.com Len Pasquarelli article titled “Irsay Plans To Break Bank For Peyton” where he talks about and quotes Colts management into how easy a decision it is going to be to pay Peyton what he wants because of his talent and what he has done in the league for over a decade now.

Given the salary spiral, his stature in the league, and the likelihood that 2010 will be an “uncapped” season, it is not unthinkable to project that Manning could receive an extension pushing $20 million per year, and with a signing bonus of about $50 million.