Cuisine Corner: 53rd and 6th

My great friend, Justin Eusebio, who I met the very on my first day of my collegiate life has just written a brilliant article on his experience of 53rd and 6th. He is the weekly writer of the “Cuisine Corner” for The Stute and this happened to be his very last piece. I have included his last article below which you can also read here on The Stute’s website and make sure to visit his Yelp page here for other reviews from a countless other places.

If you have enjoyed the experience that is 53rd and 6th then you’ll enjoy this article just as much. If you have no idea what this is, then MAKE SURE you read this article and go out tonight to enjoy the food. For those that don’t get it — it is located on the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan.

Cuisine Corner – 53rd and 6th

People thought I wouldn’t do it, or that it couldn’t be done. But here I am, in my last review that I will ever write for The Stute, writing about the pinnacle of my college dining experience. I was introduced to this miracle on wheels over five years ago when I was a young freshman, and it has kept me coming back more times than I can even imagine. While it is known by many names, 53rd and 6th, Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice, or Platters, there is only one experience that is second to none.

A few weeks into my freshman year, my new friend, but now long time roommate, told me about a place in NYC that he has been going to for years. While at first I had thought we were going to a brick and mortar restaurant, I was surprised to find that our destination was a once random street corner. Marked by the iconic yellow plastic bags and yellow sweatshirts, the line said it all. Never have I stood in line for an hour for street meat, but I was assured it was worth the wait. Platters can be enjoyed in all physical conditions; however, when you are at the brink of starvation, this meal can take you to nirvana. That night I felt like my insides were cannibalizing themselves, which made for the perfect conditions to enjoy that meal. With my first bite, I saw heaven, and the angels were eating Platters. Since then, I have gone in sweltering hot evenings, monsoon-like rain, and blizzard level snow, but like the postal service, no elements have kept them from being open.

Being a self proclaimed Platters veteran, here are some common misconceptions and rules to follow if you’re going for the first time.
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