Can You Get These Questions Right?

According to a recent Pew Poll report, the number of Americans who do not know the basic information like the national unemployment rate or how many votes it takes to break a filibuster is quite staggering. It is embarrassing that those aged 18-29 did the worst in the survey of 12 questions by averaging under 4 questions correct where the other groups, although not doing much better, averaged roughly 6 questions correct.

I just took the survey and got all 12 correct but I will put the questions below this section and a link to the correct answers at the end of the post. How many can you get right?

1. The national unemployment rate is at what percentage?
2. Do you happen to know how many women sit on the U.S. Supreme Court?
3. As far as you know, which foreign country holds the most U.S. government debt?
4. As far as you know, about how much of the oil consumed annually in the U.S. is imported?
5. How many Republican senators voted to pass the health care reform bill in its vote on the Senate floor?
6. In the United States Senate, opponents to legislation can delay a vote by filibustering. Do you know how many senators are needed to break a filibuster and bring a bill to the floor?
7. Thinking about the man who attempted to bomb an airliner on Christmas Day… Which country do intelligence officials believe he was trained and given materials for the bomb?
8. During the entire year of 2009, do you happen to know if there were more American military fatalities in Iraq or Afghanistan?
9. Do you happen to know if the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently closer to:
10. Do you happen to know the name of the current majority leader of the U.S. Senate?
11. Do you happen to what Stephen Colbert’s profession is?
12. Can you name the chairperson of the Republican National Committee?

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