I Won’t Be Getting The iPhone 3G S

I just upgraded to the new OS with it’s new search feature, forward/deleting individual text messages, landscape format in the mail and SMS apps is also a big boost. I will probably post later this week or early next week on my initial impressions but so far, it is good.

As for the new iPhone 3G S (who came up with that name anyways?!), there are many reasons as to why I will not be buying it. You can start listing off the reasons varying from it’s price to lack of new features to even the exclusive carrier that has it.

The price which is $199 16GB and $299 32GB ($399 and $499 for ineligible upgraders) seems relatively reasonably priced with where they were last year and even compare it to other smartphones that are out on the market, I won’t complain too much about the $200 price tag for a new customer. As for the previous customers, you (and me included), signed up for a 2-year contract and for no reason does AT&T (as much as I hate them) have to give you any sort of discount for something you already agreed you would pay for. It would a nice PR performance on their part but expecting this from a company, that will charge you every single penny for the upcoming tethering and continues to delay the MMS capability that even the very simplest of phones have, is too much to ask for.

For me, I just don’t see the need to dish out another $300+ for a phone that is quite similar to the one I already own. I will just wait until next summer as my contract is reaching 20-21 months, right in time for next year’s WWDC.

As for the new features, I am just not very impressed. The compass and maybe the Nike+ capability in the new phone is something I really liked but I can’t say that is enough warrant for ditching the one I have. I will patiently wait for MMS to come out later this summer, possibly go back to JB and use a 5-icon dock and video camera. If you are big video editing enthusiast, I guess you could like the video camera and its capabilities but that are similar to things already available in the 3G (through Jailbreak). I don’t see the need to buy a new phone, re-up your contract for another two years just for that.

AT&T which seems to hold exclusive rights to the iPhone until the end of time seems to be doing all that it can to continuously irritate its current customers. ‘Sympathy’ isn’t a word I will use when describing the plight of the iPhone user considering there are more important things a person can accomplish with another phone and saving their money, but surely a company who is in the business needs to do a better job handling its PR problems — something they seem to have with every major product launch or announcement. Come on guys, you’re bound to get things right soon enough.

iWaiting for iPhone

So it has been 8 days since I placed a Direct Fulfillment Order for my iPhone 3G since it was sold out in all the local stores (Apple and AT&T). Originally I was told it would only take 5-7 days and I assumed it would since Apple was releasing their phones worldwide and I thought Apple would be ready for a release on such a massive scale. Turns out I was a little wrong in my judgment.Why So Serious?

As of day 8, I am currently #15 #12 (3:17 PM) in the waiting list at my local AT&T store which is approximately getting about 5 shipments of iPhones a day (you do the math – at least 3 more days of waiting at best). The 5-7 has turned into 7-10 day wait for most people if not 2-3 weeks already. If you want to place a DF order now, you better be ready to wait nearly a month to get it. My suggestion would probably be to keep an eye out at a local Apple Store since they seem to be getting more frequent shipments and hope be lucky at get your hands on one through a walk-in.

There have been a couple of sites such as Where Is My Damn iPhone and ATT Direct Fulfillment Watchdog that have been providing some comfort (not a lot) by listing all the AT&T orders (whether they were iPhone related or not to show you your place in the queue). Also on the AT&T Wireless Forums there was a thread created on 7/13 called Has Anyone Receive Their iPhone 3G Through Direct Fulfillment and in merely 9 days it was already generated 5,140 comments from disgruntled customers (myself included). Although the anger has somewhat subsided and patience starts to kick in for most of the people, the iWait continues and hopefully will be concluded soon enough.

I will definitely review the product once I do get it and for anyone reading this who already got their hands on one, let me know what you think. Was it what you expected? Pros? Cons?