Interesting Google Queries

I have attached below a recent Google Analysis on the terms searched on Google and if my blogs are in the top 20 (as in appear on the first page), these are the top search queries from that.

It is a little disturbing to see all those Tom Brady references to see whether he was actually on The Brady Bunch. I remember talking about it a couple of friends a day or two after I had posted the ESPN clip about him and the mock Brady Bunch references. Apparently, several people took that very seriously and did not get the joke. Among the top disturbing queries would be “Angry Tom Brady” and “Brady ‘Bunch Tom’ Brady” searches. I do not know what these people were thinking when they searched for it but certainly my blog appears #3 when you search for either of those two terms and there you have it. However, as of today if you search “Brady ‘Bunch Tom’ Brady“, I do appear #1 on the search result… go figure.

Outside of the title of the blog, I was impressed to see that I appear #1 when you search for “Super Tuesday Results” on Google.

Chris Berman going “Boinkers” now has me third overall.