Freedom is Slavery.

Just got this off of Engadget but you knew this was only a matter of time before it became a reality with the direction this country is headed in. Luckily I don’t live in New York but being just a state away, will New Jersey follow suit?

NY state inserts RFIDs into licenses; citizens next?

NY state inserts RFIDs into licenses, citizens next?What can we say about RFIDs that hasn’t already made you afraid? Your passport? Clonable. Your work ID and “secure” credit cards? Yeah, those too. Not scary enough? How about every adult New Yorker walking around with one in their back pocket? It’s just a matter of time, as the Empire State’s clearly enhanced drivers licenses (says so right on ’em) are now hitting the streets. For $30 on a new one, or $10 if you’re looking to upgrade, you can get yourself a radio-wave emitting ID, enabling you to cross the border into Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean sans-passport. Don’t worry, the cards won’t be broadcasting any personal information — just a unique code that the government can use to track your every movement.

[Via Crave]