Sharks Talk… Some Leafs Too

If you wanna follow a team that is doing remarkable, record shattering stuff right now, then you need to follow the San Jose Sharks. After 30 games, they are 25-3-2. They have gotten 52 points out of a possible 60 points and have played only 3 games where they did not pick up a single point. How does that even happen, especially in the NHL now which has so much parity due to the salary cap structure. There are 3 other teams who have 6 or less losses after 29 games this season (Blackhawks, Bruins, Red Wings) all three of which just happen to be Original Six teams. 

I don’t know why but I only seem to talk about hockey about once every blue moon but here is the shootout from last night’s Leafs/Devils game. I don’t get to watch too much hockey now but I make to sure catch some of it when the Leafs are playing one of the local teams since they are on tv so I caught the game yesterday. It was a pretty tightly contested one where both teams could have put this one away in regulation but even after overtime they were tied so here is the shooutout.

The entire shootout clip is the second one but if you don’t have time (or even 4 minutes) to watch all 8 shots, here are the two top clips from the Leafs’ end. Just beauties – especially the Jason Blake shot (second shot in the first clip).

The entire shootout (after the break): Continue reading “Sharks Talk… Some Leafs Too”