Reddit Frontpage!

Well here is a first, for me at least. I try to submit interesting stories and usually none that I see have already been submitted and this is the first time a story has made it to the front page. I have also been commenting more often and the Reddit score jumped from 1 to 18, a score which hadn’t changed for the past five months since I joined Reddit. You can go check out the site now at or view the screenshot below. My username is cuptocanada.

By the way, the story that I submitted Terry Bradshaw admits using steroids in ’70s which he came out and admitted yesterday saying it was doctor prescribed and was administered to make him heal faster. You can argue either side on this issue whether he cheated to get an advantage or just took something that was not illegal at the time.

Me on Reddit Frontpage

Anyways, congrats to me 😛

P.S. Yes that is me using a Windows 2000 computer at work and MS Paint to highlight my story.