March Madness Is Officially Here

Conference Tournaments right before Selection Sunday usually mark start of craziness and last night was no different. Outside of the crazy weather in Georgia Dome was something where a tornado hits the stadium while a game is going on, then you have USC and UCLA playing to a 2 point finish, Kansas State only losing by a field goal in there game but without a doubt the craziest game of the night was Minnesota and Indiana.

I am a huge fan of Tubby Smith and when he left Kentucky to coach Minnesota, you knew that the Golden Gophers were going to do something special real soon… and his players (particularly Blake Hoffarber) responded last night. Crucial mistakes and fouls made them fall behind by a point with only a handful of seconds to go… and the full court hail mary pass reminds many of Laettner’s with Duke from way back when.

Video is included below.


It’s Not Possible!

I was watching this game with my roommate the other day while he supposedly tried to do his homework… yea right.

Washington went up by 3 with 1.2 seconds left on the clock. Toronto calls a timeout to move up the court and the following happens courtesy of Anthony Parker…

This game also brought back memories of what Morris Peterson did to them last year…

Surprisingly those games with the two teams were about a year apart … 10 months is more like it but close enough – (January 29, 2008 and March 30, 2007).