2010-11 Stevens Athletics Calendar

For anyone interested in the Stevens Athletics’ calendar, I have created an unofficial once again this fall. The fall sports include Equestrian, Field Hockey, Men’s Golf, Men/Women Soccer, Men/Women Cross-Country, Women’s Tennis and Women’s Volleyball. As more schedules get released, I hope to keep updating this calendar so even if you add it now, you’ll get all the updated scheduled into your calendar automatically. If you are interested, I have embedded the calendar below and given the link if you would like to add it to your calendar as well. For those only interested in specific sports, I will also attach individual sport calendars and you can pick and choose.

Here is also the iCal and HTML link to the calendar:

If anyone needs instructions on how to import these calendars into your own, feel free to ask.

Here are the individual calendars by sport which are in .csv and are formatted to be simply imported into your calendar. I would recommend right clicking on each link to save the specific ones you want and then individually import them to your calendar. You can also just click the link to open up the calendar for viewing purposes.


Field Hockey

Men’s Golf

Men’s Soccer

Men’s Cross Country

Women’s Soccer

Women’s Tennis

Women’s Volleyball

Women’s Cross Country

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Stevens Athletics Calendar – Now Available

This is completely unofficial so far and is not distributed through Stevens Athletics but from what the publicly available schedules for the teams at the Stevens Athletics web page states, I have created a .ics file that can be easily added to any calendar application (I use Microsoft Outlook) if you want to keep track of the Stevens’ Athletics events. To download the calendar, just simply click here: Stevens Athletics Calendar.ics

Also, watch several Stevens Athletics games that are broadcasted and streamed live on Empire8.tv. I will try to do as many games I possibly can but that might be difficult as I am away from campus for the fall as I complete my co-op semester. I know for sure that I will be doing Men’s Soccer games in the fall and definately the Men’s Lacrosse games and Women’s Basketball games that carry over into the spring semester next year but as for others, I make no guarantees right now.

As for the calendar, so far the only available schedules that I saw were the following:

Men’s Lacrosse
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Tennis

Once again, to download the calendar, just simply click here: Stevens Athletics Calendar.ics