We Live In A “Police” State (Video)

We all hear the term but here is yet another senseless act by a police officer assigned to “serve and protect” the public which ends up taking the life of an innocent man. Washington Post probably summed it up best when they said, “In the still evolving YouTube era, videos don’t just spread, they rally a community.”¬†Just a warning for those watching the clip, you do see and hear the gun go off which ends up killing the helpless victim who is lying face down because he has been handcuffed and surrounded by multiple cops.

From what I had last heard, the cop had resigned but it didn’t seem like the police department were pursuing additional steps against the man for recklessly shooting a man. I am pretty sure most of you have heard about the violent riots out in Oakland, California and in times like these, more and more people need to resort to protests (violent or not) to let their voice be heard and not let these actions go by the wayside.¬†

Yea most cops, fireman and other public servants are good people but these types of actions happen far to often to ignore as an isolated case. Maybe its the power grab that rushes to their head or maybe its a racial thing at times, but its definitely something that needs addressed otherwise you can expect people to start taking the law into their hands even more.