Random Stats

Just some random stats as I approach lunch time on a day where I have been reading the BioCommand User Manual pretty much the entire morning.

I have had 166 total posts now, and here is the categorical breakdown so far.

ABG 13
Grab Bag 36
Math 4
Politics 41
Sports 83
Stevens 10
Video Games 5

As for tags, you can always notice the tag cloud in the right sidebar but here are some numbers on there.

Obama leads the way with 25 tags followed by my two favorite topics in the world of Clinton and Yankees with 13 each. The Giants with their remarkable Super Bowl run have a total of 12 and ESPN with 8 tags rounds off the top 5.

Interesting tags that appear in the top 40 or so are Super Tuesday with 5 (didn’t know I wrote so much about that day), Patriots and March Madness with 7 and 6 each.

Referrals regarding material from friends surprisingly enough comes out even at 4 a piece for 4 different people – Cindy, Joe, Krishna and Rusty.

Okay Lunch Time… I’m out.