NHL Playoffs: Stanley Cup Finals

Stanley Cup Finals begin this Saturday and so far it seems to be Matt in a blowout, picking 10/14 overall correctly. However, as my old gym teacher used to say — “Next Goal Wins!”, I’ll declare the person who is closest in their prediction by not only the team but also the number of games to be the winner. (No actual prizes, so why not?)

Round 3:

Matt [2] – Philadelphia, Chicago

Faraz [1] – Montreal, Chicago

Mike [0] – Montreal, San Jose

Round 2:

Matt [2]Montreal, Boston. Detroit, Chicago.

Rusty [2]Montreal, Boston. San Jose, Vancouver.

Ryan [1]Pittsburgh, Boston. Detroit, Chicago.

Faraz [1]Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. Detroit, Vancouver.

Round 1:

Matt [6]Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh. San Jose, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit.

Rusty [5]Washington, New Jersey, Boston, Pittsburgh. San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver, Phoenix.

Mike [5]Washington, New Jersey, Buffalo, Pittsburgh. San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver, Detroit.

Faraz [4]Washington, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Pittsburgh. Colorado, Chicago, Vancouver, Phoenix.


My Stanley Cup prediction is Chicago Black Hawks in 5 over Philadelphia Flyers.