Worst Football Defense… Ever?

You just will not have many words to describe the defense and special team displayed here by St. Paul Johnson High. It just does not get any worse than being up 18-6 with FIVE seconds to go. That’s right, FIVE SECONDS! They still found a way to lose the game.

Just watch the video.

The video courtesy of FoxPreps.com

What A Hockey Game

I know I do not put a lot of hockey news on here but the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens game from last night has to go up. Half way through the second period, the Rangers had a 5-0 lead… but as you can imagine since I am putting the highlights up from the game… the Canadiens sort of made a little come back. It ended up going to overtime and then shootout… where I will let you see who won the game. What a game it was.