New Avis / Yankees Commercial

I had seen this tv ad several weeks ago by Avis in their series of going back and forth between the Red Sox and Yankees but could not find an online video of until today.

I have also heard some rumblings from crazy Yankee fans that they are pissed off because the real “Bleacher Creatures” weren’t used and I think that’s completely ridiculous. I realize this is a capitalist society so everyone wants to jump in and try to make their money off of their 15 minutes of fame but get over yourselves.

As for the rest of you, enjoy the commercial.

Charles Barkley As Wolverine?

As if the X-Men Origins film wasn’t getting enough promotion for the movie as it was, now they came out with this brilliant advertisement. Whoever thought of this one, definitely deserves a raise or a couple of claws or something.

I had been looking for this video online ever since I watched it on TNT during one of the basketball playoff games and finally found it tonight. Also, there is an entire Inside The NBA clip that I have attached after the break.

Wolverine Ad:

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