Company of Heroes

So you might have heard that I went to Sweden for a day while I was in Norway and one of the places I saw is that (see picture below) and immediately it reminded me of a map or scene from the game Company of Heroes. I can’t exactly pin point whether this was in online mode or campaign but I knew right away that I had seen it before.

Let me describe the scene a little bit. I am standing on the other side of a small bridge and on the far side there are plenty of buildings like the one you see in the background. I remember from the game that this is where one would place some machine gun to fire upon enemies coming from the other side. If you go further in (or up the street in between the buildings) the buildings start to disappear and there is more open space – usually where the tanks roll up in the game. I think this might be from the campaign mode because i remember on the other side of the bridge to the left, there might have been a mortar team that is firing on you as you progress.

If anyone has any idea of where this is from the game, comment here or contact me. This has been bothering me for about two weeks now.