Eye Cancer Survivor To Run NYC Marathon

[To watch the video segment, visit the ABC link at the end of the post]

A pretty inspiring story about the head athletic trainer from Stevens Institute of Technology Alison Bewalder that was featured on ABC Eyewitness News and is up online too now with a video segment.

She was diagnosed last October with Coroidal Melnoma or cancer behind her left eye. She was quite fortunate to tear a contact lens that she got diagnosed when she went in for a checkup because she showed no symptoms.

After undergoing surgery and radiation to kill the tumor which altered the vision in her left eye, she plans to run in the marathon this Sunday just to prove to herself that she can.

As the ABC story highlights, “Alison’s battles are not over yet. She is cancer free but there is the possibility it could spread to the lungs and liver. Though Alison says don’t feel sorry for her, she has more appreciation for life now than most.”

[Source: ABC – Eye Cancer Survivor To Run NYC Marathon]