Slow Monday…

Not sure what to make of the day today. Only had one class and there isn’t even a Yankee game on tonight. The first time in 21 days I believe (Yanks went 10-10 in the 20 games played so far). Played some Halo, racquetball and probably some Smash later on tonight.

I woke up much earlier than anticipated on a day where my only class (Differential Geometry) was at 2 PM. Shipped out a couple of books this morning that I had sold but didn’t make any money really cause the shipping and the relative cheap price for those books don’t really make it seem worth it at times. Oh well, it’s done now. Differential Geometry probably had its best class of the year. All the hype leading up for this class and not having to take a “math” final finally happened today. We have to know about 24 of these terms and definitions where the lowest grade for the class will be B (you can choose not to take a final and walk out with a grade of B). With success in the final, you can get B+, A- or an A… hopefully it won’t be very difficult. Not a bad deal if you ask me considering we were told today what will be on the final next Monday.

Played some racquetball with Joe, Krishna and Will Walker after class (with plenty of pleading from my mother to avoid getting hit in the face or having another injury). I played a majority of the day with my left that which I think has gotten much better in the past week or two. Krishna’s got a pretty mean serve which I can’t handle at all when playing righty but left handed I can handle it pretty good I guess cause it natually puts my racket in line with the wall. Joe for being a pretty big guy can move around and pulls out ridiculous shots out of no where and finds a way to win points and even sustain long rallies. I had a pretty long rally with Joe even though we were playing 2v2 which consisted of mostly us two running around and hitting shots to each other. I ended up losing the point, getting a gym burn on my arm but ultimately won the game. I must say it does give you quite a workout once you do start running around and avoid getting hit by the ball

On another random note, old school Gatorade just does not taste the same anymore once you’ve had some G2 or Gatorade Tiger (GT). I tried my favorite Fruit Punch which hands down would beat any other drink but since I’ve tried the G2 Fruit Punch or the GT one, the original just doesn’t do it for me.

Anyways, expect a random Facebook rant soon cause I’ve almost hit the threshold on that as well and maybe a Yankee post about Joba’s role in the pitching staff. Long day tomorrow, so probably no update but we’ll see how things go.