Don’t Forget To Turn Off The Lights

Somewhere fans are happy, somewhere children shout,
but there is no joy in Ruthville, this Yankee team is almost out.
We mourn the closing of this ballpark and honor the great stars of the past,
they now remain as memories as long as memories last.
Next year there’ll be a brand new home but no guarantee of Series play,
it should be a majestic place for those with means to pay.
Yes we can rely on TV where sponsors pay the dough,
but only if a team keeps winning, if not the ads are first to go.
Change is ever constant in the what’s-new world of sports,
but no one calls the park a winner in giving nightly sports reports.
It’s the folks who put the team together who deserve the major part of the glory,
but above all it’s the players, their talent is the story.
I thank the Yankees for the thrills I’ve had here through the years,
and wish them well in 2009, may their wins bring back the cheers.
May I suggest a final salute to express emotion at its peak,
there’s only one to do that job, let’s hear Bob Sheppard speak.

– Bob Wolff (he called Don Larsen’s World Series Perfect Game)