Bailout Bill Rejection Conversation

Well these conversations are always nice…

13:48 CM: 203-226 nay and dow is down 602 points
FH: oh man
CM: it was almost down 700
but now its 532
FH: wow, i stopped looking when it was down 300
13:49 CM: 205-228 with one rep left to vote
and now were at 494
FH: so what’s gonna happen with that now
CM: they’re most likely goign to vote on it again
13:50 but technically they cna’t do it again in the same calendar day
BUT the rules of the house are suspended
so they could
the house is out of session at sun down tonight.
FH: is market open tmrw/wed or do they stay closed for the holiday
CM: aka in about 8 hours when the market in asia opens
we’re screwed
FH: indeed
CM: i think its open
13:51 FH: i think dow might hit 9K by the middle of the week
CM: lol lovely
13:52 well besides this im having a fab day.