Two Strong Quotes

Here are two of the strongest I have heard in a little while… let me know what you think

The first one is from a Op-Ed piece by Roger Cohen titled “Why Obama Should Visit A Mosque“. Read it if you get a chance, really a good a piece.

“Fear-mongering about Islam is a global industry. It thrives on ignorance. Obama has a unique power to break the cycle, not least by emboldening moderate Muslims to denounce terror. Nothing would do more in the long run for the security of the world.”

Even though I am pretty much against the widespread use of “right to bear arms” which certainly does not have the same meaning today as it did back when it was first adopted and certainly in light of the Supreme Court upholding that right, what can you do. But here is a strong quote that certainly drives home the point. This is from one from a pro-second amendment rally prior to the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court.

“If guns kill people, then do pens misspell words?”