What Financial Crisis?

I wrote a little while ago about UpDown.com the virtual stock market website that allows you to invest and track your progress, compete in contests and win prizes/money. Well in my second contest, I won a funny t-shirt (pictured below) and for those that it is hard to see, it says “What Financial Crisis?”. Also, my current portfolio progress is displayed after the break.

I finished 180th out of 5,232 people with 23.8% gains in roughly a month. In an on-going contest right now, I am currently 38th out 4,988 people with actual money (min. $100) being awarded to the top 50. This contest goes on until mid-December and anyone can join at anytime. If you are interested in joining, click here.

Also, if any of the students from the Middlesex County Academy are reading it and want to participate in a contest being conducted at school during the spring, contact Ms. Winant.

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