Frogner Park

The Frogner Park is a public park in the west-end borough of Frogner in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. It is part of the Frogner Manor, and belonged to rich families like Anker and Wegner in the 19th century, before being acquired by the city of Oslo.

It is famous for housing the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which was created by Gustav Vigeland in the 20th century. The 212 sculptures are, essentially, the adult work of Vigeland. The massive works represent various ages, moods, and stages in lives of people culminating in the famous Monolith with its 121 figures struggling to reach the top of the sculpture. Of the sculptures that are on hand, the most famous one is of a crying baby that attracts attention from all over the world.

To view photos from Frogner Park, please visit Frogner Park Photos.

– ABG From OSL