From The River To The Sea

So I finally served my public duty and went out to a portest for a cause I believed in. Actually I had no idea the protest was going on but my dad was going last Sunday (1/11) and I ended up going with him on a frigid Sunday morning. You all pretty much know where I stand on the issue so I won’t go much into that but I will say that voices need to be heard.

It does not matter which side on the issue you stand on but voices matter and the people who really make me angry and make themselves sound ignorant are the ones who say that protests accomplish nothing. It was Martin Luther King Jr. who once said that “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” and those words ring seriously loud today. Whether its on this crisis in the Middle East where no Muslim nation has the guts to stand for their fellow brothers and sisters who are abused by acts of genocide or whether it is any other issue, those who continue to remain silent are probably just as guilty as those committing the crimes. 

I have told plenty of people this and most of them who I had probably argued or debated with on a certain issue: “I may not like or agree with the stance you took on a particular issue but I will certainly fight until my last breath to make sure you have the right to say it.”