Bracket Update: Round 1

Through day 2 of this March Madness, I still have a couple of brackets which are doing pretty well. I have different brackets on ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and Facebook. I’ll break each one down but the best of the 3 is a tie with ESPN and Yahoo! Sports both having 26/32 correct picks and then Facebook only one game behind at 25/32 but that might be the one in the best shape.

A couple of things to note before my review:

  • With round one now complete … the Tournament Challenge looks like this:
  • Approximately 4.8 million completed brackets were submitted.
  • There are no brackets that are completely correct.
  • There are 3 brackets that have missed only one game.
  • There are 95 brackets that have missed two games.
  • There are 1,111 brackets that have missed three games.
  • Most brackets, on average, have missed 10 games.

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Google Maps + Live Video?

It was only a matter of time before someone combined the likes of Google Maps with live video to provide a greater perspective of what is going on in our communities. There was always a concern on what this might to do privacy in public areas as well as the privacy of the individuals just walking or driving around in those areas.

Well the video below shows how computer scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology combining all those aspects and concerns with cameras around the city and their augmented version of Google Earth animates all these. They include sports scenes, traffic flows, the march of pedestrians and weather in addition to masking identities of people and vehicles for statistical purposes.

For a better perspective and a more in-depth look at the new innovation, check out: Live Video Makes Google Earth Cities Bustle.

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Crazy Basketball Concussion

I was looking for this clip for a day or two… I think this is just irresponsible coaching by the Georgia Tech coaching staff to throwing the kid (Matt Causey – Georgia Tech Guard) back into full contact basketball after the concussion he suffered. If cameras can catch his antics, I am sure his teammates or coaching staff should have pulled him aside and sat him down for the rest of that game at least. Who knows what else could have happened. I understand this is a game against Duke and you want to win and it is almost March Madness time… but there is a limit to everything.

There is the clip, judge for yourself. I am certain there is a better video and if anyone has an embed or link, let me know.