Goal Line Blitz – Football MMORPG

So I have been playing an American Football MMORPG called Goal Line Blitz. Even though at first it seemed a little disappointing considering what it could have been, I think this really has some potential. 

To start, you create a position player that plays the game from the high glamour positions of being a quarterback or a running back all the way down to the little glamour ones like defensive end or a cornerback. One you create the player, you are offered several contracts from several developmental teams that you can pick and choose where to sign and play that season. The games are “played” (actually simulated) every other day and a full season (including pre-season) goes roughly over a little month. 

As the days progress, you gain experience through training regiments and actual game time and you level up accordingly. At the lower levels, you level up at a much faster rate than you will when your player has developed into an experienced player. During my first season right now, I went from Level 1 to Level 6 right now about 8 games into the season. You also gain fame which I think goes towards your recognition as an athlete towards a Hall of Fame at the end of your career. 

On your player page, you also see your contract details, your scouting report as well as your current physical skills in a detailed format. 

It’s certainly something that I would recommend for you to try out once and it’s not something that you need to actively follow every single moment of the day to be able to play. You can gain training points and use them all at once instead of doing it daily and with games being played every other day, that gives you some flexibility with your schedule.

If you wanna try out Goal Line Blitz, click here. Let me know if you join and maybe next season or down the line, we’ll end up in the same league or even the same team.