Adding Fuel To The Fire

So here I am talking about fascination with the lovely New York Yankees yet again. My brother has a account which is an awesome feature offered by Major League Baseball that allows you to watch all the games (not in your local market) online. Granted you have to pay a chunky amount of money for the subscription, for any enthusiastic baseball fan (of more than just one team), it is really worth the money. It really is.

So I am 5 games into the season for both the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays and here is where I stand.

Games Watched: New York Yankees (5) and Toronto Blue Jays (4)
Games Watched means I caught a portion of the game that given night.

Here is my goal for the season. Just because I live in the tri-state area and it is more convenient for me to watch the Yankees, I plan to catch at least an inning (or more) of all 162 (plus postseason if they make it) games. So far I have caught 3 full games and 2 partial games but I am 5/5. For the Blue Jays, I caught all 3 games versus the Yankees but only 1 of 2 so far against the Red Sox. As for the Jays since I will have to catch most of their games online, I am hopeful to watch at least 81 games (half the season).

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