2010-11 Stevens Athletics Calendar

For anyone interested in the Stevens Athletics’ calendar, I have created an unofficial once again this fall. The fall sports include Equestrian, Field Hockey, Men’s Golf, Men/Women Soccer, Men/Women Cross-Country, Women’s Tennis and Women’s Volleyball. As more schedules get released, I hope to keep updating this calendar so even if you add it now, you’ll get all the updated scheduled into your calendar automatically. If you are interested, I have embedded the calendar below and given the link if you would like to add it to your calendar as well. For those only interested in specific sports, I will also attach individual sport calendars and you can pick and choose.

Here is also the iCal and HTML link to the calendar:

If anyone needs instructions on how to import these calendars into your own, feel free to ask.

Here are the individual calendars by sport which are in .csv and are formatted to be simply imported into your calendar. I would recommend right clicking on each link to save the specific ones you want and then individually import them to your calendar. You can also just click the link to open up the calendar for viewing purposes.


Field Hockey

Men’s Golf

Men’s Soccer

Men’s Cross Country

Women’s Soccer

Women’s Tennis

Women’s Volleyball

Women’s Cross Country

Want To Help Special Children In Need?

Usually I don’t post requests like this but it seems like a worthwhile cause from my friend Alex so I decided to put it up. Take a quick read through the email and then my short description afterwards to see if you are interested in a round of golf to help out a charitable cause.

My group is having a golf outing on Monday Sept 28, 2009. It’s $160 per person, or $100 if people just want to donate money through a sponsorship (which is displayed at each hole). If you know people who would want to play, or even better sponsor a hole, I’d really appreciate it. I was thinking maybe your past co-op companies to sponsor holes or old co-workers or alumni who’d want to play/ give money to charity.

The group is called The American Special Children’s Pilgrimage Group — ASCPG — which is self-described as a non-profit organization that unites children and young adults with special physical, mental or emotional needs with volunteer caregivers for an unforgettable week in Lourdes, France.

It is going to be an all day event with the date being set for Monday, September 28, 2009 but the timings are yet to be determined although I can confirm them for anyone who is interested in about a day or two. Breakfast, Dinner and beverages will be included from an Italian setting and from what I know / have been told, the Italians certainly know their food.

Honestly, this is the first time I have heard of this group but from what I can tell this group takes young adults with special needs to Lourdes, France for a week, where groups from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, amongst other countries also go at the same time. So if any of you are interested, let me know and I can either put you in contact with a person with more information or just read the attached flyer below to sign up for a round of golf and help out a charitable cause at the same time.

ASCPG – Website: (http://www.ascpg.org/)

Flyer: [download id=”4″]

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