What A Weekend.

Edit: I am listening to Mike and Mike from last week as well as the Michael Kay show where they both have “NFL Experts” in Ron Jaworski and Peter King who both said that Tom Brady looks as excellent as ever and he’s going to have another unbelievable year. Probably not as good number-wise last year but their chemistry is too good for them to struggle. Ha, so much for that. /Edit

This pretty much sums up the Jets/Dolphins game:

With the score 7-all and Jets kicker Mike Nugent nursing a thigh injury suffered in the first quarter, the Jets decided to go for a touchdown on fourth-and-13. Under heavy pressure, Favre shrugged off 305-pound defensive end Randy Starks, and as he was sandwiched by two defenders, he threw a dying-quail pass that found an open Chansi Stuckey for the go-ahead touchdown.

“He’s a miracle worker,” Dolphins fullback Boomer Grigsby said. “He threw that thing in the air and God said, ‘Brett Favre will have a touchdown pass.’ And he did. That’s Brett Favre being Brett Favre.”

P.S. Tom Brady is probably out for the year. Not that anyone should be celebrating the news or anything…