Stevens: Pellet and Hand Gun Policy

I didn’t realize that pellet guns were a growing problem on campus but maybe it just shows I’m out of touch being off campus. I guess its an appropriate response certainly after the bomb scare last April which had the campus on edge until the issue was resolved. 

I just received this campus-wide email from the Department of Student Development and Campus Police:

Pellet guns and similar “firearms” are prohibited items by university policy and not permitted on campus or in affiliated facilities.   Affiliated faculties include all Greek houses; off campus housing managed by the Office of Residence Life; and any other locations where university operations are conducted.   Any student found in possession of a pellet gun or other firearm will be suspended or expelled from the university.    In New Jersey a “firearm” is defined as a gun, device, or instrument which fires a solid projectable ball, slug, pellet, missile or, bullet.

Pellet guns are dangerous as evidenced by the recent accidental shooting death in Bergen County, NJ.   In addition, many permanent injuries, including loss of sight, are attributed to pellet gun use.   In New Jersey, a permit is required to purchase a pellet gun.   In other states, such as New York, pellet guns can be easily purchased without a permit.   With a permit or not, pellet guns are prohibited by university policy.

Pellet guns in any of the locations described above must be removed immediately and permanently.   Pellet guns can be also disposed of, without penalty, by bringing the firearm to Campus Police headquarters located in the Gate House.

Stevens is a safe campus and the removal of any remaining pellet guns will insure that no unfortunate accident occurs.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Also it was good to see Stevens start a SMS alert program and for anyone interested in signing up, visit Campus Alerting.