Blog Recommendation – Predator Fitness

So I have been thinking about doing such a feature on my blog for a little while now and I have finally figured out a schedule for it. There will be more features added on as I develop a more scheduled routine but the first one is going to be a monthly blog recommendation. On the second Friday of every month, I plan to recommend one new blog that I will endorse not because someone told me to but because it is one I follow regularly and it is something you guys should read too.


The first recommendation is going to be of a blog called “Predator Fitness” started by a couple of kids who went to high school with me once upon a time. It is relatively new, started a couple of months back, and I just added it to my blogroll but it has some quality information for pretty much any lifestyle and how to go about it in a little bit more healthier and hopefully fitter fashion. Pulled straight from their About Us page, it states “Predator Fitness was created to provide our readers with an interactive site to share the latest workouts, health news, nutrition tips and exercises in order to become as functionally fit as possible!”

At first I wasn’t exactly sure how this blog would turn out but it has had pretty decent posts since its startup varying from different types of exercises to recipes to even one of the author’s personal recommendation on how to get over a cold/sickness in a matter of days.

Some of the stuff they say is common sense but its surprising how much of that ‘common sense’ stuff slips your mind unless it is constantly reinforced and certainly reading that in a blog or anywhere will help you during your day. I haven’t tried any of the recipes but there is a great post titled “How To Set Fitness Goals” which many people can attest to is one of the hardest things not only to set, but to maintain as well.

So if you are looking for a way to stay a little bit healthier and/or in shape this winter season, head over to “Predator Fitness” and give them a shot.

Some essential links to follow them:
Predator Fitness: Blog URL, @PredatorFitness and although their website takes you elsewhere, their FB Fan page is here: Facebook Fan Page