Quick Working Stats

While there is some down time at work, I pulled up a file I created when I started work here which has been breaking down the data of how much I am working and when. By no means am I complaining of the hours I work because the things I have learned so far and people I get to work with have taught me a tremendous amount in a very short time span but I am a math major and we do these types of things so here is a quick snapshot:

Time In Time Out Avg/Day Avg/Week
Jul-10 8:33 17:06 8:32 42:42
Aug-10 8:09 17:40 9:30 47:33
Sep-10 8:10 17:31 9:21 46:46
Oct-10 8:12 18:15 10:03 50:15
Nov-10 8:09 18:07 9:57 49:49
Dec-10 8:10 17:21 9:10 45:53
Jan-11 8:09 18:15 10:06 50:30
Time In Time Out Avg/Day Avg/Week
Q3 2010 8:17 17:26 9:08 45:41
Q4 2010 8:10 17:54 9:43 48:37
Q1 2011 8:09 18:15 10:06 50:30

Just interesting to note that following the very first month, the time that I can into work got pulled back half an hour and the time I left pushed forward one half. A fantastic start for January so far and we’re barely half way through since I was here unexpectedly until almost 10PM last week which did well to push that average up near record levels although I don’t think (and hope) it won’t sustain during the next two weeks as lots of things are progressing steadily.

The end of December was kind of nice with people going on vacation and not a lot of things on my plate before the year but I still averaged leaving at pretty high 5:21PM leave time given those numbers includes a 1:30PM, 2:00PM and 3:00PM dismissal in consecutive weeks leading up to the new year.

Monday 9:40
Tuesday 9:17
Wednesday 9:49
Thursday 9:23
Friday 9:19

One surprising note was that initially hit me what that Friday HAD to be the day which I worked the longest but the average per day just didn’t show that. It just turns out that if I take away those “early dismissal” prior to long weekends, the Friday average jumps a whole 41 minutes to 10 hours per every Friday which includes a 13+ hour day this past Friday.

With that, I’m off to lunch.