Super Duper Tuesday

(paraphrased from an email sent to a friend overseas summarizing Super Tuesday)

So the night started off interestingly early with Obama picking up Georgia with like 88% of the black vote and he only lost the white vote like 60-40. Clinton quickly replied with wins in new Jersey and new York both by 15 points. Obama won his state by 32 points. Obama picked up quality wins in Missouri, Connecticut and Kansas but Clinton has California, Massachusetts and Arizona to battle back.

I really hate the Super Delegate system where the party establishment has votes on who to give the delegates (look at attached picture below). Based on total voting delegates only! Clinton has a lead of 475 to 451 (only up by 24 delegates) but if you add super delegates 668 to 557 (lead goes up to 111)*. Gives Hilary quite the boost.

So the democratic race goes on with states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas still to vote all of them have triple digit delegates so we’ll see.

*note: numbers subject to change as more districts report numbers.

For the republicans, McCain kind of kicked butt but Huckabee surprised me picking up several states (WVA, TEN, ARK, ALA)… they are talking about a McCain / Huckabee ticket which is quite scary for America…

Be Afraid America

I am sure most of you have seen this clip already but it sort of has been the talk ever since Huckabee said it. I heard a great comment but not sure where it is is from… If it was from anyone but Huckabee we would dismiss this idea as complete religious fanaticism but since he has the charisma and is able to talk, he is still considered a Republican front runner. Be afraid America.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody! So I had told myself that I would start off this new year by finally starting my own blog. I plan to write maybe a couple of times a week usually about whatever is either bugging me that week or could even be something good. I am not always an angry brown guy, actually most of the times I am not but who knows. So from the 2008 US Elections to Sports to International Politics to Video Games, whatever seems to be the flavor of the day for me then, expect to see it here. Feel free to comment away on how you feel about the topic, it does not matter if you agree or disagree, I just maybe want to hit a nerve or two which gets people talking about something.

I’ll start off this first one on the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. I have heard some people say they don’t understand the caucus system or they are not fans of how it is done but that is usually the people who have not sat down on voting day and witnessed the event. This is democracy working it self in front of your eyes. These people in Iowa give up their regular lives and thoroughly investigate and background check these candidates and leave no stone unturned. It might have been Chris Matthews on MSNBC who said most of us get angry if we have to wait more than 10 minutes in a line at a voting booth come our primary or election night but not these people. Not only do they spend countless number of hours beforehand looking at which candidate to support but come caucus night, they get together for a couple of hours, trying to jockey for votes so they can pick up an extra delegate or two for their candidate. These people deserve a lot more credit than they get but I am sure sooner or later, they will get their dues.

Before tonight, I had hoped to see Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama as the two victors in tonight’s electoral process and I am glad it turned out that way. I think when Obama came on the stage in 2004 with a speech that literally blew the country away, I thought that speech set the bar way too high for him and he would never top it. He still has yet to do so but his victory speech tonight in Iowa really sent some chills down people’s back. He has a way of captivating his audiences and this is no time to get lazy now but if he keeps it up in New Hampshire and maybe pick up one or two in Michigan, Nevada or Florida right before Super Tuesday, I think he is in very good shape to lock up the nomination very early.

Cannot wait for the Rutgers Bowl game on Saturday, New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday and a sad departure of a dear friend for a semester abroad sandwiched in between. Expect to hear from me somewhere around then.

This is a pretty subdued brown guy right now… signing off.