One Last Goodbye?

The crowd of over 2 million people in DC certainly gave the previous president one heck of a send off. Stay classy folks. From the protest earlier in the day where an inflateable Geroge W. Bush was propped up for people to chuck their shoes at to the march on Pennsylvania Avenue towards the White House where people also launched shoes onto the lawn.

Secret Service remained relatively calm during the protests even conversing with the protestors to let them know what was allowed and what was not. I think at last check, only one person was arrested which is not bad at all considering how we have seen some in the police force react with a disproportionate response. The protestors were not hurting anyone and the Secret Service let them do what is allowed under the 1st amendment in the Constitution.

Anyways, here is the video from an MSNBC feed where you can hear the booing and also the “Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” chant towards George W. Bush – the ex. United States President.

Also, let’s hold judgment on what kind of President Barack Obama is going to be until we actually see some results. The hype behind what he is GOING to accomplished has pushed the bar so high that it has completely set him up for fail. Then again, here is a man who was going up political establishments who had settled down in DC for years and defeated them. Hopefully President Obama and his Cabinet can make the right decisions and not necessarily the politically motivated or easy decisions. 

Some of you Iheard me joke about wanting an immediate change in the country overnight. Along those lines, it will be interesting to see which few areas he tries to fix first as he has already halted the mess that was the Gitmo trials and following the confirmation of his Secretary of State and Treasury, I guess he’ll announce somethings involving them as well.

Good luck America, next four years will be, if nothing else, interesting to say the least.