A Really Rotten Apple

As if Apple really needed to give me a reason to not like them anymore. Let me preface this by saying this… Yes I have an iPod that was gifted to me several years back and yes I use it to listen to music on the go but more and more I have gotten angry with it, with iTunes and now the Apple Software Update program.

The hassle of the proprietary software use with Apple has just gone over the top. I have been limited to using iTunes for my music because of my iPod and if I want to use something else, I’ll still have to update my playlist in iTunes if I want to update it on my iPod. I have pretty much given up on that fact and I just stick to using the resource hog program. I will say though I like the rating system, the “Top Rated” songs only playlist and the smart playlist that changes on the fly according to the criteria you have set.

Anyways, that’s enough praise for Apple from me. What ticked me off today occurred while I was eagerly awaiting a Windows Update to occur so I could install the Service Pack 1 for Vista that was finally released. While I am waiting… my screen gets littered with this prompt from the Apple Software Update Program.


Honestly, I almost had the urge of uninstalling iTunes right there on the spot and never using my iPod or iTunes again. I am quite happy using my Firefox 3 (Beta 4) which I might add has been running quite smoothly and I can’t wait for the final release. I don’t need no Safari on my laptop. No Safari is not the “fastest and easiest-to-use web browser for the PC”. I don’t need Apple trashing my computer with more of their products and lies.

I apologize to all the readers who are Mac fans but I cannot stand it anymore… and that’s why I’m ranting at this time of night. I am truly an Angry Brown Guy right now!