Vandals in Belfast

I received an email from one of my friends about 9 PM local time yesterday in Belfast. She linked me to this BBC article. It is believed that this is the cause of local vandals who are burning tourist buses who are stranding tourists from countries as far as the United States and Australia.

It is the second known attack in as many weeks on a Paddywagon bus but has not deterred most tourists from visiting and taking the tours. One even went on to say “I’d take the Paddywagon again, just to support them. It’s great craic and harmless – I don’t get why somebody would do this.” Kudos to those that continue their routines throughout these events. I think that my friend took the very similar bus and is in the region when I received the email but was assured that she is okay.

Just one of many little stories affecting the world today, I will update if I have more. Another one I will probably talk about soon is about the cable wires being cut around the Middle East.

EDIT: Nothing major to update except for the “Our bright green, shamrock and leprechaun covered bus was fire bombed around the corner from the hostel.” Fortunately everyone is safe and okay.