Grab Bag!

I had so many things I had saved up to write up in one post instead of cluttering with multiple posts everyday but that all got lost in a Firefox beta update. So here goes what I could find on the fly right now.

First my deepest condolences to Vivake for the loss of his hero who just happened to be the governor of New York. That is certainly said in tongue-in-cheek but what a tough and sad piece of news to handle for a guy who had apparently built himself some legacy and certainly would have ran for the Presidency one day… no more.

Also was visited by Jimbo today which certainly I did not expect. Good to see him after the longest time (although it could be that I had seen him last before I saw Mike Cloonan). Sad part on that is Mike and I go to College together. Go figure.

First let’s start off with a comic that were one of the many things that the good friend of the blog Krishna continues to send me on a daily basis. I only wish I had the time, or heck, even less laziness to blog about some of the article he shares. Maybe if he has some free time on his hands, he’ll guest blog? Well here is the comic.

Then here is a clip of Shaq that I saw live over the weekend while I was in Brooklyn… and by live I mean on tv. The hustle to save the ball and the jump are all remarkable but if you look at it from the a different angle (the second video), you can see that there are very young children sitting in that front row and for a guy the size of Shaq to see that and to be able to jump over and completely avoid causing any harm to those kids is simply remarkable.

Finally this last one is about Differential Geometry. I was working on a homework today that I had long put off and certainly this picture does not show everything that was done but this is one that I ran across when I tried to integrate a curved surface. I won’t go more into detail for fear of losing the few readers that I do have (but mostly because I myself don’t know the details) but it was fun to do it anyways.

Just an FYI, baseball season is around the corner and I will get around to doing my season previews soon hopefully. Not that I claim to be an expert or anything but it is certainly fun to go back and see how well you did. I will do the same thing once the March Madness starts.

I am just full of random things in this post… my good friend from Ireland comes home in exactly a month (31 days to be exact) and that happens to fall on my birthday. Cool.

P.S. You better enjoy the amazing math up there… I even put off talking to my buddy from Reading, Pennsylvania just so I could do that amazing piece of art up there.