Why Does This Not Happen More Often?

I am certain everyone has seen a clip or two or the whole video of Obama going to the Republicans for lunch and answering the questions that they had to ask. If you haven’t seen the video, watch the whole think at the post my brother wrote in “Let Obama Be Obama” but the one I have embedded, Awesome stuff by Jon Stewart through out this segment.

One question I did ask several years ago after seeing the British parliament grill the Prime Minister at the time is why something like that didn’t happen in the United States more often and hopefully this can be somewhat of a precedent set #44.

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“It’s like he’s seeing their talking points in bullet time!”

An Angry Jon Stewart At His Best

Whether it is fair or not for Jim Cramer to be the face of Jon Stewart’s nightly tirade can be debated some other time but I don’t think I have seen Stewart as pissed off as he was last night. The fall of the financial markets and the deceptive game the networks played by saying they did not see this coming really seemed to have gotten him ticked and not in the way he was angry against Paul Begala and Tucke Carlson of CNN’s Crossfire. 

You have to give some sort of credit to Cramer for coming on The Daily Show to face the criticism — or the fact that he was incredibly naive to think he could come on the show and it would be a cakewalk and the bad press would just blow over.

You can say a lot of things regarding Jon Stewart about whether he has his liberal bias or whether he sometimes takes quotes out of context with going after people but one thing you cannot accuse him of is being unprepared for an interview. He has always shown his intelligence and ability to be quick on his feet in almost a Meet-The-Press kind of way by allowing Cramer to go up against his own words yesterday which led to his downfall.

Mr. Cramer can now hide behind his tears and hope that his show does not get canceled but I think this is only a start of the way things need to change on the cable news networks and it is about time those networks starting giving Jon Stewart the credit he deserves for journalistic integrity — something they all lack.

Here is the entire unedited interview in three parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Change? What Change?

So this video is a couple of days old but Jon Stewart analyzed Obama’s inaugural speech with certain speeches of our former President and it showed quite a few similarities. Not exactly the type of hope and change you were hoping would come to Washington. Also, Wired.com is reporting that Obama is lining up his administration exactly with the previous one on the issue of warantless wiretapping. 

The Obama administration fell in line with the Bush administration Thursday when it urged a federal judge to set aside a ruling in a closely watched spy case weighing whether a U.S. president may bypass Congress and establish a program of eavesdropping on Americans without warrants.

Take off your optimism hats folks and get ready for a good dose of reality. We can all sit here and hope for things to change but we better keep the new President and his administration honest and true to their campaign “promises”. 



How disappointing. 

Credit: Gizmodo.

Jon Stewart Asks The Questions No One Else Will


A great return for The Daily Show last night by talking about the chaos in the Middle East and having the moderator of Meet The Press, David Gregory, as his guest. What is great about Jon Stewart is that even when he is talking about serious, informative points, he’ll make you laugh. And you know that  when he is passionate about a certain issue he doesn’t let it go. He’ll keep trying to get his questions answered or his points understood. 

I think he drives home a good point saying that everyone keeps using the analogy that is Hamas kept attacking America with these rockets, how would we retaliate?” but rarely do you hear the other side of that conversation by someone asking what would America do if another country came in and occupied their land and made the American people go through checkpoints while traveling within their own cities. 

I inserted a couple of quotes but the two clips below the break are (1) his intro after coming back from break and (2) David Gregory interview and he asks the Israel question around 4:50 in the second clip.

Jon Stewart: Why can’t anyone – this always surprises me – why can’t any American politician criticize Israel in any way for their behavior. I’m watching these shows and there’s not one person going jesus it’s kind of complex. Yeah Hamas is a bad actor – they shouldn’t be throwing missiles, but gosh you know the treatment of the Palestinian people maybe for the past 50 years is not so nice either. But you never hear that side.

You know you never hear anyone say hey man you know the settlements or that kind of stuff. Is that really the third rail of American politics now?

David Gregory: You know settlement activity under the Bush administration – you know from 2000 and 20007 settlement activity increased the population 45% in Israel. That doesn’t say anything about illegal outposts. So there is no question this is not an area where the Bush administration was pressuring the Israelis.