An All Star Weekend…

What an All-Star weekend and no I am not talking about my visit to Virginia.

Saw the 3-point competition there where Jason Kapono just lit up the field and blew everyone away winning for a second straight year.

The event that everyone will be talking about though will be the slam-dunk competition. It had recently become quite a bore the past few years but certainly this one had the life of the 2001 competition where Vince Carter stole the show.

Last year’s champion Gerald Green, I do not think got enough credit for his blow out the candle dunk because if you watch it live without any previous knowledge of the dunk, you might not know what is going on. What a dunk though.

Clearly the star of the night of ‘Superman’ Dwight Howard. I will only link to the Superman dunk but certainly you could pick any one of his dunks and it was simply amazing.

On an unrelated note, I had heard of an Obama music video of “Yes, We Can” but had not seen it yet but was linked to it by Katie today.