Big Brown’s Big Bash?

As any one who follows horse racing, and by “follows” I obviously mean watches the 3 big races and forgets about the sport until next year… anyways, anyone who follows it knows that The Preakness is tomorrow with Big Brown trying to win the Triple Crown – a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in exactly 30 years.

Affirmed in 1978 still remains the last Triple Crown winner. Sadly, the last Triple Crown winner left alive, Seattle Slew, passed away on May 7, 2002. There have been several close calls in the past decade or so with horses winning The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness as you can see from the list below:

1997 Silver Charm 2nd
1998 Real Quiet 2nd
1999 Charismatic 3rd
2002 War Emblem 8th
2003 Funny Cide 3rd
2004 Smarty Jones 2nd

Hopefully things will be different this year because there is no bigger support of ‘Brown’ success around the world than the Angry Brown Guy. I’m hoping to have some real good news to report tomorrow after the race but there has been major talk of Big Brown’s jockey tempting fate with the horse racing gods. He has called out that his horse will win this race easily and although that type of confidence is nice, it seems to have come off as very ignorant.

Big Brown has been the picture of cool this Triple Crown season. He loves to strike a pose for the cameras and saved his best performances for the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. The only thing that has tried to slow the colt is the quarter crack.

The injury is having about as much luck at stopping Big Brown as the competition. Several veterinarians characterized the quarter crack as innocuous and said racing in Saturday’s grueling 1½-mile Belmont shouldn’t pose an additional risk to the strapping bay colt.

A quarter crack is a vertical crack in the hoof wall between the toe and heel, usually extending into the coronary band, where the hoof meets the skin of the leg. Healing time can range from a few days to a few months, depending on the severity of the crack.

That is from an ESPN article citing that Big Brown’s biggest threat to the Triple Crown, Casino Drive, has a bruised hoof but still remains in the race.

Angry Brown… Horse? and Hal on Fox News

So yesterday was the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby and Big Brown just ran away from the field. I was around some Reading, Pennsylvania and totally missed the running but caught the race later. It was sad to hear when filly Eight Belles followed a sensational effort of her own to finish second by fracturing both ankles, falling to the track and being euthanized on the spot.

It’s certainly the fastest two minutes or so in sports and for those of you who did not get a chance to see it, i have attached it below. I know some people who say this is an awful sport and its understandable that they say it cause like me probably the only horse races they watch are the 3 major ones and certainly the news of Barbaro is still probably fresh in their minds. However, this seems like a really beautiful sport and honestly if I was bogged down in so many other things, I would probably watch more races.

In other news, Stevens Institute of Technology President Hal Raveche was on Fox News on the first of the month to talk about the struggling economy and what the foreign markets think of the falling dollar. He had interesting points which were countered by a professor from NYU and a couple of people from Fox News. He talks about innovation, preparing the students in his university for the world out there (coincidentally the arson incident is taking place about a week before when supposedly he was overseas.)