Live Blog!

So a few people mentioned the idea of live blogging which further pushed my own intention of doing it. So follow the game on your television sets and when you get a chance, stop by there for my analysis. Feel free to drop any comments and I will throw them in here.

10:37 PM:

Me: go read the update

Cindy: hahahh

Cindy: umm that the GIANTS ARE THE BEST TEAM!!

Cindy: duh!

Cindy: and the pats can sit on it!

Cindy: the the 72 dolphins still own.

Cindy: =]

10:34 PM: So Cindy is also pointing out that David Tyree made a ridiculous 32 yard catch on the 3rd down conversion and he also had a touchdown reception as well. So his props are there now… did I miss anything else Ms. Murray?

10:04 PM: THE MOST DISAPPOINTING 18-1 SEASON! There will never be a more disappointing season than the ones Patriots just had. Quite a disappointing end by Belichick when he ran onto the field and would not leave with 2 seconds left. Congratulations to Eli for having his moment, taking that knee and winning that championship. Congratulations to the New York Football Giants.

10:01 PM:
I kind of expected that deep bomb pass to Moss to fall into his hands.

9:57 PM:
This is the stuff legends are made of. Crazy play on 3rd down to convert and then the touchdown pass…

9:47 PM:
Important first down by Jacobs.

9:44 PM:
Two minute warning… can Giants convert the first down?

9:39 PM:
Can they make it any more easier for Brady and Moss? Touchdown Patriots… 13-10 Pats. 2:42 to go. Is this where Eli becomes a legend?

9:25 PM:
Careless mistake by Eli to Burress… could have easily converted the first down. Now the Patriots get the ball back with 8 minutes to go and Tom Brady has another chance to led a game winning drive in the 4th quarter. Can the Giants D continue to come up with great stops?

9:12 PM:
Good Coke commercial with Bill Frist and James Carville.

9:10 PM:
11:05 left in the final quarter.. the Giants score their first touchdown and lead 10-7.

9:07 PM:
Finally the big play Giants had been looking for… and the one to catch is Boss – who has stepped up big time since Shockey went down.

9:00 PM:
The look on Brady’s face after the failed deep bomb to Moss fails says it all. Brady is frustrated, Patriots offense is stopped yet again… can the Patriots be unraveling?

8:51 PM:
Good call by the Giants to go over the top to Burress but still have not converted anything big. How long can the Giants D hold down the Mighty Patriots?

8:43 PM:
Interesting call by the Patriots to go for it on 4th-and-14 from the Giants 35. Once again the Giants stop them, now can Eli and company reply?

8:40 PM:
Now the Giants allow 14 yards on a 3rd-and-13…

8:37 PM:
Big overturn here… Patriots successfully challenge that the Giants had 12 men on the field. Get that call, get the first down and usually the Patriots will capitalize on opportunities like this one.

8:30 PM:
Giants D in the past 3 of the 4 Patriot drives have held them to only 3 drives on the possession.

8:21 PM:
Almost the start of the second half now… The Patriots struggled on offense in that first half. Their defense did pretty good holding the Giants to only 3 points and you know they are more than happy playing like this and gonna keep waiting for Giants to make their mistakes.

7:50 PM:
Important fumble. I have not seen Brady pressured this much in the longest time. Very impressive first half for the Giants… If you are a Giants fan, you have to feel really good knowing you held the Patriots to only 7 points in the half. Giants had a couple of opportunities to convert and they will have to start converting because sooner or later you know the Patriots are going to strike again. Manning looking good so far, short passes are there and even the running game is there every now and then.

It’s me signing off for an hour or until Tom Petty is done. I’ll be back for the second half.

7:27 PM:
I do not remember a single time this season that Brady was sacked on back to back plays… Giants D playing great, holding Patriots with back-to-back 3-and-outs.

7:21 PM:
Just when the Giants’ D comes up big, their offense comes out just as flat… follows a Patriots 3-and-out with one of their own… barely taking any time off the clock.

7:18 PM:
BIG stop here by the Giants defense. I was talking here during the last Giants possession with my brother and I agree with what he said. The Giants do not necessarily have to get a touchdown but just protect the ball and put something on the board. Keep your eyes for the end zone but be happy with a field goal… this is only the first half.

7:12 PM: That is the last thing the Giants needed. HAVE TO make those catches there… cannot give the Patriots these free opportunities. Wasted at least 3 points right there and now with the interception, Patriots can have a time consuming drive to limit the Giants to probably only one more drive this half.

7:09 PM:
Impressive catch by Toomer and now Giants need to convert.

7:00 PM:
7-3 Patriots. Giants need to respond now, do not want to give Patriots the ball back with the chance to push the lead to 11.

6:57 PM:
Costly pass interference by Pierce for the Giants. You have to turn around on a play like that and just not tackle a player without looking. Had a chance to hold the Patriots to 3 but probably will not now. 4 downs to pound it in.

6:45 PM:
Giants ran an impressive first drive. 16 plays – the longest drive in terms of plays for an opening drive in Super Bowl. Eli Manning looks pretty good so far but they will need to convert drives into touchdowns instead of field goals if they want to keep this game close.

6:26 PM:
Giants call tails and end up winning the toss… 3 minutes to kick off now.

6:18 PM:
Unofficially the anthem was at 1:55… good luck to those that betted over on the 1:42 line.

6:13 PM:
Here come the Patriots, led by Brady and Bruschi.

5:50 PM:
Switched over to C-SPAN for a bit and turns out Maria Shriver comes out to support Barack Obama in California.

5:39 PM: My dad continues to insist that since the Patriots are 18-0 they might as well win the 19th game as well. I am certain he does not understand that the Patriots are now like the Yankees of baseball. They are going to be hated. Maybe it is not fair to the Yankees since they were never caught cheating.

5:36 PM:
I was not aware but my friend Matt from RIT tells me Coughlin coached there when they had a football team from 1971-73. Who knew?

5:29 PM: Talking about Tom Coughlin’s mentality… several Giants’ players joked that if they win the game today, Coach Coughlin might give them the day off tomorrow.

5:22 PM:
Jeremy Shockey is shown on tv… turns out he is actually going to be at the game with the team.

5:15 PM:
So far I saw two early commercials… one about the deaf community in America and certainly a well done commercial.

Only an hour and 15 minutes until game time…