Palin Can’t Be This Bad… Can She?

On the wake of news where she continues to defend foreign policy experience by saying she can see Russia from her state, we have this segment from the same interview where she can’t name a single newspaper or magazine that she regularly reads to stay informed about the news.

Sarah Palin really can’t be this big of a flop for the Republicans, can she?


COURIC: And when it comes to establishing your world view, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read, before you were tapped for this, to stay informed and to understand the world?

PALIN: I’ve read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press for the media, I mean…

COURIC: Like what ones specifically? I’m curious that you…

PALIN: Um, all of ’em, any of ’em that um have been in front of me over all these years, um…

COURIC: Can you name any of them?

PALIN: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news too. Alaska isn’t a foreign country where it’s kind of suggested it seems like, wow how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, DC may be thinking and doing, when you live up there in Alaska. Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America.