Amazon Marketplace: Customer Experience

My experience with Amazon Marketplace over the two years that I have been buying and selling things has been fantastic (outside of one jerk – who didn’t turn out to be such a jerk after all). I have sold things from books to XBox 360 games to, uhh, mostly books. Most of the times people will keep the order as they ordered but every now and then, and I have done this too, when you buy something and it just happened to be the wrong item that you ordered or it wasn’t what you expected it to be.

Yes, Amazon has a policy to return the items within 30 days of purchase but some people can be jerks about it and not give you an address or not give you a full refund back because the item is no longer in the exact condition and packaging as shipped.

However every now and then, you just get a customer who is nice during email conversations of the order, very pleasant when requesting information on the refund policy and very prompt on returning the item so it is feasible for me to re-sell it.

This post is to a Hannah L. from Duluth, Minnesota. The note was attached to the book that was returned around 06/07/08 and I only read it today because the book was sold.

By the way, the book was America’s Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975. Should you get a chance to read it, it’s a really interesting book.

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