Spidey and Colbert Team Up, Save Earth

Haha, can anything really top this?

I got this from Wired.com:

Marvel Comics already gave postmodern comedian Stephen Colbert Captain America’s shield. So why not a shot at saving the world with the help of his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

The two cultural icons will join forces in an eight-page narrative inside the supersize Amazing Spider-Man No. 573, which will mark Colbert’s full Marvel Universe appearance, in continuity no less. For those interested in the full back story, the unhinged newscaster’s prodigious influence on comics is being tracked on Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 blog. Evidently, he is not only safeguarding Cap’s shield here in reality, but also running for president in the Marvel Universe.

Oh, if only life was like comics. Everything would be so much cooler, and funnier.

Photo courtesy Marvel Comics

[Source: Wired – Spidey and Colbert Team Up, Save Earth]