Tiger’s Season Done?

Reportedly Tiger Wood’s season is done after his remarkable victory at Torrey Pines to win on the 91st hole. Apparently he was under orders from his doctors not to play more than 72 holes this past week but when Rocco Mediate forced him into a playoff round of an extra 18 holes plus one sudden death hole, it took its toll on Tiger’s knee who certainly played the entire week trying to hide the pain.

Now at 14 career Major victories, his quest for the record 18 Majors will be put on hold as he has said he fully expects to return in 2009.

I bet Rocco is feeling pretty bummed right now after playing the best 91 holes of his life and going head to head with Tiger for 19 holes, all he has is a second place to show for it. Now let’s see if he can carry this momentum into the British Open or PGA Championship.

Obviously, he hasn’t been drinking enough Gatorade Tiger…