Imagining If Obama Had A McCain Week

Let’s just imagine a moment.

Let’s just imagine that one day during the campaign, Barack Obama suddenly changed the actual facts about a central moment in his life, altering them to simply fit the city he was campaigning in.

And let’s just imagine that another time, Barack Obama was asked to explain one of his Senate votes on a major women’s issue, but sat in silence until finally saying he didn’t remember it. And then laughed that it was “delicate.”

Let’s just imagine, too, that Barack Obama’s top economic advisor had said that there wasn’t really a recession, that it was just a “mental recession,” just “psychological,” that Americans were “whiners.”

Let’s just imagine that Barack Obama had made a joke about killing all Iranians with cigarettes.

And let’s imagine that all of these things happened to Barack Obama — all of them — during the last week alone.

Just imagine.

No, really. Take a moment, I’ll wait. Imagine it.

… you can read the rest of it here at Huffington Post by Robert J. Elisberg.