Green Bay Wins, Brett Favre Loses

I decided against posting on this issue until it was completely resolved and last night, just that happened.

After taking a beating in the press for not welcoming back Brett Favre as their starting quarterback, the Green Bay Packers accomplished what they originally set out to do – trade him to a team as far away as possible that they could only see him in the Super Bowl. They also secured the fact that he would basically not be traded to the Minnesota Vikings by having the Jets give the Packers three 1st round draft picks if they do decide to ship him in that direction. There is no doubt that he still has some talent left in him and Packers made that clear when they were ready to bring him back early this off season but when he kept going back and forth, the Packers decided to pursue to future in Aaron Rodgers.

I can’t blame the Packers for what they did because they had lived through the past few years not knowing whether Brett was coming back or not and for the first time when they had a definitive answer this early in the off-season, they needed to make plans for a Post-Favre Green Bay. It is understandable why the media is just in love with Favre who can’t seem to do anything wrong in their eye. He has never come out and said anything against them, he has always had a good relationship and it always helps that he has been more successful than not in his career.

He goes to a New York Jets team that was 4-12 last year and certainly raises their hopes of becoming a playoff team. The Jets vastly improved their offensive line which was their biggest weakness and for Favre who was sacked 15 times all of last season (Pennington + Clemens were sacked a total of 53 times). Favre’s deep ball should open up the running game for the Jets who are still vying for the second spot in the division as you can realistically expect the New England Patriots to win the division again. Continue reading “Green Bay Wins, Brett Favre Loses”

March Madness Is Officially Here

Conference Tournaments right before Selection Sunday usually mark start of craziness and last night was no different. Outside of the crazy weather in Georgia Dome was something where a tornado hits the stadium while a game is going on, then you have USC and UCLA playing to a 2 point finish, Kansas State only losing by a field goal in there game but without a doubt the craziest game of the night was Minnesota and Indiana.

I am a huge fan of Tubby Smith and when he left Kentucky to coach Minnesota, you knew that the Golden Gophers were going to do something special real soon… and his players (particularly Blake Hoffarber) responded last night. Crucial mistakes and fouls made them fall behind by a point with only a handful of seconds to go… and the full court hail mary pass reminds many of Laettner’s with Duke from way back when.

Video is included below.