Moola – It’s For Real

I have been playing Moola since November now and at first what seemed like a fake money making scheme has turned out to be pretty fun and very real. You always have a balance of at least a penny and can always play a game. There are 3 games that you can currently play (Hi/Lo, Rock Paper Scissors and a Gold Rush Game. To play, you must wager any or all of your current balance in increments of a penny being doubled up multiple times.

Currently my balance starts at $9.37 but I was well over $20 just a month ago. I cashed out $10 just to see how well it would work and the check is on its way. You need to have a minimum $8-$10 balance before you can cash out which is not too unreasonable of an amount. Also, everyday you can spin a wheel from their search engine and just earn free money. It is a pretty fun thing to do online and reliable too, compared to the other gimmicks.

Enjoy it. If you are interested in joining, just click one of the two pictures above and you’ll be taken their straight. Let me know if you join as well, We can always play head to head, whether at least the money just stays within us. Happy Playing!